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The amputee team of the Nkamanyi Football Initiative was introduced in July 2020 in order to provide these set of often forgotten handicapped youths of the city and its environs the opportunity to play and develop their skills in football and become positive change makers. It is headed by Ndifor Joel.


The Initiative

The Nkamanyi Football Initiative is a Football Academy and training center in the Cameroon city of Kumba. Its goal is to supporting the youths of the town and its environs to learn and develop their skills in the game of football and to become good future leaders. We empower the youths through football.


Latest news

The NFI started in December 2013, the amputees team in July 2020. We have had a great number of events to look back to. Seeing the joy the youths get, we just want to continue creating activities to empower them. The amputee team is adding more value to our history. Relax and follow us.


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Past games

National Amputee Football LeagueAbakwa AFC - Nkamanyi AFC30.10.2020 16:05Yaounde
National Amputee Football LeagueNkamanyi AFC - Melong AFC29.10.2020 17:10Yaounde
National Amputee Football LeagueNkamanyi AFC - Doves AFC27.10.2020 17:10Yaounde
National Amputee Football LeagueTerninators AFC - Nkamanyi AFC26.10.2020 13:30Yaounde
National Amputee Football LeagueNkamanyi AFC Kumba - ADDP AFC Douala25.10.2020 16:05Yaounde2 - 1
Amputee Friendly GameTerminator Yaounde - Nkamanyi AFC23.10.2020 13:00Yaounde2 - 3

Amputee Team News

[26/10/2020] - NFI AFC Kumba defeats ADDP AFC Douala in first match of Amputee championship

On Sunday 25. October 2020, the Nkamanyi AFC amputee team defeated ADDP AFC of Doual by 2-0. The match between the Nkamanyi AFC of Kumba and the ADDP AFC of Douala started under rainy conditions at exactly 3:30pm in the Ahmadou Ahidjo Stadium annex 2 in Yaounde.

It was a clean and fair play match without any arrogant behavior from both teams. The NFI AFC was so talented with their playing tactics and the ADPP could not keep pace with what the Nkamanyi boys put up in the field.

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[25/10/2020] - MATCHDAY - NFI AFC vs ADDP AFC

It is day 1 of the National Amputee Football League

NFI AFC - ADDP AFC Douala (0 - 0)
14:00 - Yaounde
Ahmadou Ahidjo Stadium Annex

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[24/10/2020] - The NFI AFC is ready

After intense training on the hills of the city of Yaounde, the NFI AFC is now ready for the championship. Prior to the competition, the NFI AFC defeated Terminator of Yaounde by 1-0 in a friendly played on a grassless field.

We look forard to great games ahead.We learnt about a masacre on children in the city of Kumba. We shall be dedicating our first game to the bereaved and affected players. We call on all sides of whatever conflict to respect the rights of children to go to school.

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[21/10/2020] - Amputee team leaves for Yaounde ahead of pioneer National Amputee league

The amputee team of the Nkamanyi Football Initiative NFI AFC, left Kumba on Tuesday night to the Capital city of Yaounde ahead of the pioneer Amputee championshhip. The Championship which starts on Sunday October 25, shall pit 8 teams from different corners of Cameroon.

A delegation of 12 players led by trainer Forba Jean and Captain Joel Ndifor was accompanied to the park in the newly acquuired NFI bus by the staff. They left for Yaounde at night and will be lodging in Damas Yaounde.

It should be noted that the NFI is at the forefront of the creation of the championship with its captain being a member of the National Amputee Executive Board.

We have shared videos of their departure on our Youtube Channel

[10/08/2020] - NFI introduces amputee football with Ndifor Joel as head of department

The Nkamanyi Football Initiative (NFI) has introduced an amputee department in its football portfolio. Starting this month of August, the amputee team of the Nkamanyi Football Initiative will go into operation. Mr Joel Ndifor, an amputee, was appointed to head the amputees department and to help develop the amputee team into one which the country and world shall reckon with.

In line with the mission and philosophy of the NFI, we aim not only in having an amputee team which shall be difficult to beat on the pitch but also to create opportunities of empowerment for these often forgotten members of our society.

With Mr. Joel Ndifor at the head of this team, we are confident of meeting and beating the goals set out by the NFI. Mr. Joel holds a B-Tech and HND in Accountancy. He helped co-found the national amputee football association in Cameroon and occupied the position of Secretary General in its Yaounde and Bamenda offices. He is also the founder of the amputee football association of the South west and that of Kumba.


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